Project Restore is under way

Here is the list of things I intended on doing/replacing under Project Restore initially

  1. Knock Sensor (under mass air intake) -done
  2. Speed Input Sensor (inside transmission) -done
  3. Radiator Flush -done
  4. Temperature Sensor replacement -done
  5. Passenger Wiper arm alignment/replacement -done
  6. Transmission Fluid Flush -done
  7. Wheel Bearing -> Turned out to be ok for now, skipping
  8. Spark Plugs -done
  9. Brake Fluid -done
  10. Battery -done
  11. A/C recharge -done
  12. PVC Valve -done
  13. Engine Oil -> didn't have to drain engine, skipped during project

Here are the things that were added during the project in addition to the above

  1. Front and rear rotors turned -done
  2. Front and rear brake pads -done
  3. Front Ball Joints -done
  4. Transmission Gaskets/Seals -done
  5. Exhaust Gasket Flange -done
  6. Air Filter -done
  7. Sway bar links -done
  8. AC Compressor -done
  9. AC was still having issues, pulled the PCM and cleaned it, fixed alignment of pins inside (seemed to work) -done

Things I have done since this project

  1. Knock Sensor went bad again, but still under warranty -done
  2. Trunk/Fuel buttons jammed - done
  3. Fuel door not releasing (fixed) -done
  4. Trunk Release module -done
  5. Power Seat -wire was broken in door jam area (common issue) -done
  6. Tinted Windows 20% -done
  7. Front License Plate holder -done
  8. Rear Spoiler - in progress
  9. Driver side courtesy light - in progress
  10. Side molding trim - in progress

Here is the engine with cover off, before we pull the mass air intake.

Pulled the spark plugs on the front and the PVC lines off the top

Pulled mass air intake off, knock sensor removed in picture

Hanging out in the air

Radiator, air intake, air filter box, washer fluid all removed

Engine support in place while we unbolt the tranny

The conveniently placed starter is removed while we unhook the tranny

I see you tranny, you're coming out one way or another

Tranny jack in place, prying away at it

The floor was incredibly slippery, radiator fluid+tranny oil on cement

Engine is hanging on for dear life while we pry the tranny loose

Butter containers are all full of bolts, nuts and various fasteners

Remember where these two bearings go, don't put them back in there wrong

Finally, found that sensor. About 4 layers into the transmission and maybe 100 bolts. It's on the right side of the left gear.

Channel plate and valve bodies are back together, it looks so clean

Still hanging out as I reassemble all of the pieces

It's all back together and it was given a bath

Letting it dry for a week to make sure there isn't moisture where there shouldn't be

It's all dry and nothing dripped, good sign she is ready to go back in

It's SO much cleaner than it was

Staged on the jack and going under

Readjusted the cherry picker to hold he engine while we pair them up

She's in place and ready to be lifted up

Getting the transmission lined up before being lifted

Got her up into place, time to put the brackets back on

While underneath, I noticed one of the oil pans is much cleaner than the other. I'll have to fix that too.

From underneath looking out, wheel hub assembly and steering rod, no axels yet.

Pretty anti-climatic. She's all back together now and not throwing any codes. Made a trip to Indiana without any issues. I consider this a great success.