2005 Scion Xb Accidents

Rear-ending someone

Ok so I am driving home from work one day and in town I am following a white Blazer (1980's, cardboard on the windows - duct tape) and there is a nice Dodge truck in front of him. The Dodge decides to hit his brakes as hard as he can at what was probably 30-40mph, hence completely stopping. The Blazer in front of me does the same (to avoid hitting him). Unfortunatly for me, I am to far back to see this going on, but I do hear the tires squealing and hit my brakes too. I am too late though and plow into the Blazer at about 20mph. The Dodge (having not been hit) peels out and is far gone before I can even get out of my car (my door was pinched shut). The guy in the Blazer and I call the police and needless to say the whole thing is my fault, so my insurance pays for the Blazer guys duct taped bumper and my car to be fixed. This is the damage my car incurred and although it just looks like maybe a bumper cover, its not. The total was $5100 and about the entire front end was replaced. It took over three weeks to complete because a part or two wasn't here from Japan yet. Pay attention, idiots are everywhere (see next accident)!




Idiot with Paint

This took place on the evening of January 3, 2006. I was on my way to an oil change at the Toyota dealership. Just minding my own business, just like the last incident, when some idiot decides to throw an aerosol can of bright orange marking paint out of their window. I am not sure if it was the car in front of me or the car in front of them, but I am pretty sure it was the black Chevy Blazer in front of me. Regardless, the car in front of me ran over the can and it exploded all over my car and the road. I had to turn on the windshield wipers to see. I filed a police report, but no leads. The Blazer got away because the police asked me to go back to the site where it happened (I was in pursuit). I did not make a claim to my insurance because it would be less than my deductible or close enough. I just used an SOS sponge and windex along with the normal weather elements to wear it down. Pay attention, idiots are everywhere!




Hail Damage

I was in Bloomington, where I go to college, and visiting my family who was there at a race (they run). I was at a motel and it started to hail. I stood under the awning out in front and watched it ding my car, along with many others. One car even had its alarm set off. It wasn't as bad as I had originally thought, but just to be sure, when I traded my car in sometime later I made sure it was after dark.

I dont' have any pictures because they wouldn't really show anything.