Snapshot of who I am:

I am married to my best friend and love of my life Matthew. We got married in Nov 2016 after being together since July 2013. We celebrated at our home in the Summer of 2017 with friends and family over some Kansas City bbq. We live in a home we purchased together in Kansas City, KS in 2014.

I am an Alumni of Indiana University. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics, which was my major and I minored in Business and Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business. I am currently working for Cerner which I started in Jan 2010 as a Support Analyst, moved to Sr. Software Analyst to Sr. Software Consultant to Solution Architect to Software Engineer to Software Architect to Associate Lead Software Engineer. Check out Cerner for more details. I also build and maintain websites in my spare time as more of a hobby for a couple of other organizations.

I enjoy working on and with computers, mostly with software, but I do enjoy doing a new PC hardware build once in a while. Learn more about its history above.

I will also play video games in my spare time (who doesn't) and list of games I play/played can be found here:Games.

I would consider myself an amateur and mild car enthusiast. I enjoy working on my cars when it's on my watch and not theirs and I am always up for a good trade when I see one. I am always trying something new with them either physical appearance or interior options or just rewiring the car to better suit my needs. The 95 Aurora saw it all. Learn more about their history and stories with the link above.